Forestry Ground Preparation

Taiga Upland provides a diverse range of forestry ground preparation options, both trailed and excavator based.

With experience across Scotland, we understand the importance of quality cultivation and ground preparation to establish forestry projects successfully.

We operate a fleet of forest ready excavators, tractors and trailed implements. All of our operators are FMOC qualified with experience of grant-funded, private and public forestry projects.

We can provide the following forestry ground preparation options:

  • Continual mounding
  • Double mouldboard ploughing
  • Single mouldboard ploughing
  • Twin disc scarifying
  • Rotary ploughing
  • Subsoiling / Ripping
  • Restock hinge mounding
  • Restock trench mounding
  • Brash raking
  • Hinge mounding
  • Invert mounding
  • Short ditch mounding
  • Ditch dolloping

If you would like to discuss any future projects or arrange a site visit, please call one of our team on 0845 388 6079 or email

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